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POPS Performing Arts Academy has 3 programs students can choose from- Recreational Recital Classes, PreCompetition, and Competition

Recreational Recital Classes
This program is for beginner or advanced dancers. Ranging from 30 minute sessions to 2 1/2 hours, this program is designed to instruct students in the basic techniques of dance and the performing arts while teaching rhythm, musicality, and performance. Styles include tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, gymnastics and acrobatics, modern, PrePointe, and musical theater. A program that is fun and energetic while being educational.

PreCompetition Program
This program is for intermediate or advanced dancers. 1-2 years of prior dance education is required. Designed for students who want a more challenging level of dance, students who are considering competition, or advanced students who want advanced competitive classes without the time demands of competition. Students dance a minimum of 1 1/2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours per week. PreCompetitive solos, duos, and trios are offered, as well as specialized technique and ballet classes. All PreComp classes compete 2-5 dances at 3 regional competitions plus perform their routines in the recital. A challenging and advanced program with high energy routines and classes that move at a faster pace.

POPS Company- Competition Program
This program is for advanced dancers that have had at least 2 years experience. Designed for students who live to dance, this program explores numerous styles and techniques of dance and the performing arts. Students dance a minimum of 5 hours and over 12 hours maximum, depending on the program you build. A minimum of 2 hours of Ballet and 1 hour of Jazz technique is required. POPS Company has solos, duos, trios, small groups, large groups, lines, and productions. The Company consists of the POP Tots ages 4-7, the Lolli POPS ages 7-12, the POPPERS ages 12-15, the POPS Stars ages 15-19, the POPS Divas consist of teens and seniors, and POPS Productions with all POPS Company members. Members can compete as little as 2 dances up to 10-15 dances. This program is advanced in all aspects and requires an audition.

We offer a variety of courses and workshops from beginner to advanced, for both children and adults. Courses are taught by experience level, and we encourage all Beginners to Advanced Beginner students to take at least two 1-hour classes a week. We add new courses continually, with workshops and master classes offered on a periodic basis. For Intermediate to Advanced students, we highly recommend 2.5 - 3 hours class time per week, so that they can maintain a level consistent to advancing their overall technique. Advancement is considered on an individual basis, dependent upon ability, attendance, coordination and motor skills in addition to introducing basic dance technique.
POPs Tots
Available to all students 2 1/2 - 4 years old, this class is scheduled on weekdays & Saturdays, offering a combination of Pre-ballet, Tap & Tumbling. Students develop creative ability, rhythm, coordination and motor skills and are introduced to basic dance technique.

Combo Programs
Introduces students to the more advanced “basic disciplines” including Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop, prior to their entering the more specialized levels.

We encourage everyone who has an interest in the art of dance a chance to learn and participate in what is considered the foundational discipline of all dance. There is no prior experience in ballet or any other form of dance required in order to take classes. Growing with the student, we monitor their consistent progress from the early basics to more advanced work, working with classical technique continually developing poise, grace and proper body carriage.

Pointe Development
Introduced during the Intermediate ballet level, this strenuous discipline reveals the true essence of every young ballerina. Limited to those students deemed qualified
by their teacher.

Jazz & Lyrical
Starting from Beginner thru Advanced, we teach this form with its relation to the most popular styles, including Musical Theater, Blues, Funk, Broadway and Contemporary – emphasizing body strength, coordination and flexibility.

In addition to developing the traditional style we also encompass training in contemporary and rhythm tap techniques. Students on every level are encouraged to build their concentration, coordination, rhythm, speed and dexterity.

Hip Hop & Funk
Fast, high energy and most of all, fun, we offer classes for students from 6 yrs and up. As well as mixed sessions, we schedule boys only classes, and “boy will they dance!”

Developed in America in the early 1900’s, this form was intended to free dancers from the constraints of classical ballet. It has risen to great popularity as an art form, and is offered to those students who have attained the Intermediate level of ballet training. In teaching Modern Dance, we focus on the Graham and Limone techniques – encouraging the skills and interest in the free style of dance, while developing the body’s strength and flexibility.

We are the first performing arts school in the area with instruction in both Ballroom and Latin, which are typically only offered at studios focusing on these particular styles of dance. Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Tango and Mambo are just a few of the styles taught. As well as providing an extensive dance education, we especially encourage our younger students to appreciate the benefits of Ballroom in the way of poise, confidence and socialization.

Encouraging the development of strength, endurance and flexibility, we offer classes to students aged 2 1/2 years and older. Students are encouraged be enrolled in a “dance class” in addition to acrobatics, to help with their dance ability, coordination and overall progress, but it is not required.

Alternative Classes
We provide training in acting and voice, Pilates, Yoga and Salsa
when the schedule permits.